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Posted on: June 3, 2009



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Hello Marko, thankyou for visiting my bloggy page, its nice to meet you ! I see you are a handsome tuxie kitty like me although you have more white furs than I do. We tuxies are just sooo adorable !

So furry nice to meet you’s, Marko, you is a furry hansome kitty.
Look forwards to reading more about you.
Love & Purrs,

pee ess: I’s posted you on tha Sunday Noos today so you’s can meet effurryone in tha Cat Blogosphere.

Marko, us kittiez wish ta welcome youz ta da land of bloggy. We iz all rescue kittiez too but we’ve been rescued fur a while. Tell youz momma dat we fink it is nice dat youz momma an’ daddy sleeps in youz bed ta keepz youz warm.

Youz should check out da Tuxie Club. Maybe youz would want ta join!

We’re really happy to meet you Marko!

Milo and Alfie xx

Hi ya, Marko! It’s nice to meet you! We can’t wait to hear more stories from you! We’ll visit again and hope you visit us sometime too!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Hi Marko, and welcome to the Cat Blogoshpere. Hope you like your new home, it is good when we find our furrever homes. I also liked or original name of Oreo, we had a long time cat blogger named Oreo, he just went to the Bridge last month.

Hai Marko, welcome to the CB! It is a great place to meet and read about other kittehs. Also, da beans is so caring and nice there.

Yoo has found a pawsome furever home we see! Come visit our bloggie sum time – when we get the lazy the mom to type fer us that is (gud help is hard to find!!).

We left our comment over on your About page! *Knocks on head with paw* ~Crikey

Hi Marko! What a cute little Tuxie you are! Hope you enjoy blogging, gotta get in lots of naps to keep your strength up.

Hi Marko! We saw you at our friend Derby’s blog so we came to say HI. We are 3 cats in Minnesota. Stop by & see us some time. We’ve been blogging for 4 years.
You sure are a cute little fellow and we just know you are going to like your new family.

Hello Marko!! We are very pleased to meet you! I am a Tuxedo Kitty, too! (Samantha) We will be back to read more about your adventures!! Congratulations on the cool forever home you have!
Your FL furiends,

Hi Marko!!!!!!!!
It’s so nice to meet a fine little tuxie Mancat in training!!!!!!
You will like the CB,the kitties are so nice 🙂
You are so young and full of energy 😮
I am almost 16!! I have 2 sisfurs and they are almost 6.
We hope you have lots of fun!!!!

Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Hi Marko! I will add you to the Tuxedo Gang Hideout on Monday!! I will use one of your pictures from your blog and link a couple of posts to your introduction! If you prefer us not to do that please let me know at tuxedoganghideout (at) Gmail (dot) com If you have a picture you prefer for us to use please email that, too!
Welcome To The TGH!
Your Tuxie furiends,
Samantha & The Tuxie Gang

Hello Marko!! Welcome to Blogging!! We are very pleased to meet you and will be back to read more of your adventures!
Your FL furiends,

Marko, you need to come and visit our blog! Mommy thinks that you are just adorable!

Hi Marko, nice to meet you! You sure are adorable. My sister Bennette is a B&W Tuxie too!

Marko, we just read about you at the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to join the crowd of cats coming over to welcome you… it’s good to get to know you!

How nice to meet you, you adorable “little thing”, looking forward to seeing more of you.

Marko, the D werd is ::whispers:: d-i-e-t. Trooder is more than just floofy he has a jiggly belleh too!

hi marko!
what a handsome tuxie yoo are!
i am a tuxie manx and i have a tuxie sisfur named boo!

hi marko! we is glad to meets you. we looked at some of your older posts and we saw you gots a possum furrend. we gots one too!

yuki, kimiko, kintaro, & tt

Hi Marko! I saw you joined Cats with Blogs so I came over to say hello – that’s me on the CWB logo. I also saw you on Milo and Alfie’s blog. I hope we can be friends!

Meow, Marko! It’s so great to meet you!

Hi Marko!! It’s furry nice to meet you!

Hello Marko, Came to say welcome and very nice to meet you.You are a very lovely looking pusscat.


Hugs GJ x

Hi Marko! Nice to meet you. I read about you from Milo and Alfie. I hope you have loads of fun in your new home and have a great time with your new blog.

Hey there Marko! Its great to meet you! I saw you mentioned on the CB and wanted to introduce myself!

Hi Marko,
My name is Poppy Q, and I hope you enjoy your new blogging life.


Hi Marko!!!!! thank you for visiting us – we like your blog!!!

Hi Marko

I am Akira and Shiro’s friend Brownie Roo…Heard you are a dogcat so I guess we may get along…I am all cat dog…I never come when I am called unless I smell a treat!

Brownie Roo

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