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It’s time for Tuxie Thursday in which the now TWO tuxedo cats of the house are featured on the blog. The amazing duo of Marko and Marcel. Without further ado:

Also, for Two Times Tuxie Thursday, please check out this link of a whole pack of tuxies! I can’t read the Japanese, but the photos and videos speak for themselves!


As you know, I am a Tuxedo cat. And now the outfit is complete.

On my way out for a night on the town!

On my way out for a night on the town!

Splendor is my nom d' plum

Splendor is my nom d' plum

Yes, I know I am a stud muffin!

Yes, I know I am a stud muffin!




SORRY ABOUT THAT i had to walk across the keyboard and then it was so warm i layed down on it….



I am a Tuxedo Cat. My pawrents did not even know what that meant! Nobody tolds them! But Daddy was describing me to a co-worker, and she was like, “Oh, a tuxedo cat!” Duh! Silly pawrents. See, doesn’t it look like I wears a nice tuxedo? I wish I had a bow tie built in! I am like double-oh-seven. I can go to Casino now! And then I gets the bad guys! Momma had on Casino Royale last night. Wowza! I found this on the Interwebs, so it must be true! FACTS ABOUT TUXEDO CATS. Pretty cool huh?

My slightly open tuxedo coat!

My slightly open tuxedo coat!

Thank you to everyone who is welcoming me! I am visiting all your blogs as quick as I can except for sometimes taking Pac-Man breaks. I am so excited to make so many furiends!


Marko Meowii =^-_-^=

my name is marko




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