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Marcel in His Own Words

Posted on: May 7, 2010

Bonjour everyone, I am le French jazz cat, Marcel Marceau. I am not a mime but I am often quiet like one because I am shy and reserved. I am frightened around new people, but I was never scared of my new family. I am the middle cat in terms of age, Marko is my big brother and Ani is my little sister. I am the third cat to arrive in the family, though. I was already 10 months old when I came home, whereas Marko and Ani came at 3 and 2 months of age, respectively. I love my new family and my new home. My favorite spots to take a nap are under the bed and in the dirty clothes pile in the closet. It is very comfortable. At nighttime, I like to sleep in the big bed with everyone. I am definitely a lover, not a fighter. I take the human’s face between my paws (sans claws) and pull her in for a kiss. I like to give her kisses on the nose and cheeks. Marko, Ani, and I all take turns grooming each other. I like to play with Marko and Ani. Nice to meet you all! Enchante!



1 Response to "Marcel in His Own Words"

It’s so wonderful to hear from you, Marcel! You are such a cutie and we’re so glad you have a great new home!

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